Email Marketing, Far From Dead?

Consumers are well aware of the intent behind email marketing, and as more businesses tend to adopt this form of digital communication, there is one question to ask: Is the saturation of email marketing still of any use to businesses?

Here are some key findings regarding email marketing:


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1. Number one tool for generating leads

Most of us have experienced the flooding of mailboxes with emails from marketers offering news, promotions, information and special deals. Why might this be the case? Well, statistics show that 89% of marketers have identified emailing as their primary channel for generating leads while 54% of marketers have rated email as their most effective form of digital advertising.

Email marketing is definitely most useful when it comes to reconnecting with potential leads that might have been lost. Imagine a consumer that browses your website but leaves without purchasing. Upon exiting your website, your customer signs up for subscription emails. Potential customers that exit your website without purchasing may have signaled a loss of leads, however marketers are still able to reconnect with the customer, through the utilization of email marketing to develop relationships, re-engage and convert the visitor into a paying customer.


Source: Michael Kearse

2. Communication tool

Communication has never been easier through high consumer accessibility provided by mobile devices. Email allows you to communicate with your customers at any place, any time. It is found that 83% of people use their mobile phones to check personal emails while 34% are used for business emails. In Australia, mobile comprises the most dominant platform for checking emails, with a 50% usage rate and interestingly, emails that are not correctly optimized for mobile devices account for 80% of emails deleted by the user. It is therefore important for marketers to offer mobile compatible email communications, as well as to tailor emails and offer personalisation.


3. Return on investment (ROI)

Email campaigns are the cheapest form of marketing, generating a ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. Large increases in ROI are primarily due to the growing size of email users as well as greater market penetration. According to Statista, the growth in the number of active email accounts is projected to reach 5.594 billion users by 2019. For comparison, that is equivalent to 72% of the human population!


Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.08.40 pm.png
Source: Campaign Monitor


Some other interesting statistics:

Still not convinced about the wonders of email as a relevant marketing tool? Here are some other interesting statistics:

So, are you one of the 50% of the avid mobile reader of promotional emails or have you unsubscribed due to overwhelming volumes of ads? Do you think that we will ever see a fall in the effectiveness of email marketing? Share some of your email experiences below!



7 thoughts on “Email Marketing, Far From Dead?

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  1. The ROI for email marketing is impressive.

    I have so many promotional emails in my inbox and I definitely don’t have the time or the interest to keep up with them all. I mainly open up emails from fashion brands I like, to see the new arrivals.


    1. Hey Paula, it sure does. It’s no wonder many businesses are implementing email marketing. I’m the same here but I tend to focus more on personalised emails. This is another interesting trend that we’re seeing now in email marketing.


  2. When I first started looking into email marketing I was surprised at how favourable it is to consumers; I know that I don’t use email as my go to communication tool. However, I think that it makes sense for marketers to use email as I think that asking for an email address is far less intrusive than asking for a phone number or address etc. As much as people complain about marketing emails, I think that they are here to stay at least for the near future.


    1. Hi Katelyn, I was thinking the exact same thing when I first encountered those statistics. It is no wonder why email marketing is more important than ever in a growing digital age. I also definitely agree that emails are far less intrusive and the option to opt out of newsletters/email’s is always there


  3. Great post Trish! So, Ive gotta say, im not one of the 50% of the avid mobile reader of promotional emails, nor have i unsubscribed due to an overwhelming volume of ads. I actually have different inboxes as part of my gmail account that automatically sorts all of my promotion based emails into a separate inbox which i only check glance over whenever I am interested in purchasing something just in case i have received a coupon code from that company recently. Because I dont get notifications from this promotion only inbox, it really doesnt bother me and although i could just unsubscribe, i find that is saves me the trouble of having to search for coupons when i want to shop online.


    1. Hey Nuwan, that’s definitely a smart way to filter all promotional emails. My gmail account is also able to detect promotional from non-promotional emails, which can be problematic for marketers as they are not able to reach their consumers. In this instance I think its more important for marketers to have more curated and personalised emails and to effectively advertise their content in a way that doesnt appear as spam mail.


  4. I have so many promotional emails in my inbox and I do look at emails that I know are from brands I like to purchase from by I definitely don’t have the time or the interest to keep up with them all. I believe I only unsubscribe if they are brands that I don’t really purchase from (one time purchase)!


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